WILAmed Wilaflow Elite

  • A new generation in Infant nCPAP Ventilation
  • Designed for non-invasive ventilation of preterm infants or new-born infants predisposed to lung disease.
Modes of Ventilation:
  •    nCPAP
  •    NIPPV
  •    SNIPPV
  •    HFNC
  •    Respiratory abdominal sensor enables the clinician to monitor for Apnoea/low breath rate in both nCPAP and BiPhasic modes.
  •    In SNIPPV, the respiratory abdominal sensor allows patient-triggered pressure assists with breath rate monitoring.
  •    Apnoea back up ventilation in nCPAP and SNIPPV modes
  •    Easy to use medical grade touch screen
  •    Height adjustable stand
  •    Battery back up

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