eVent eVolution 3E Ventilator

  •    12.5” Touch Screen.
  •    Turbine Technology – no need for medical Air.
  •    Neonate through to Adult.
  •    Invasive and non-invasive in Neonatal, Paediatric and Adult mode.
Modes of Ventilation
  •    Assisted Control Mandatory Ventilation (CMV)
  •    Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation (SIMV)
  •    Spontaneous Ventilation (CPAP + PS, CPAP + VS, SPAP)
Breath Types
  •    Volume-controlled (V-CMV; V-SIMV)
  •    Pressure-controlled (P-CMV; P-SIMV, PS)
  •    Volume Targeted Pressure-controlled (PRVC-CMV; PRVC-SIMV, VS)
  •    Dual Level PEEP (SPAP) Equivalent to APRV & Bilevel
  •    High flow oxygen.
Lung Model and Weaning Target Tool
Allows clinicians to visualize lung mechanics and optimally monitor the patient’s condition
Target parameters can be configured according to institutional weaning protocols
  •    Suction Support.
  •    P0.1 Maneuver.
  •    PiMax Maneuver.
  •    Easy to use touch screen user interface.
  •    Capnography ready.
  •    High performance internal.
  •    User Defined Custom Default Configuration Profiles.
  •   CliniNet Virtual Report – Intranet and Internet remote viewing

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