Annual National Sales Conference

Due to Covid-19, we were unable to bring all our staff together for our annual national sales conference. When we were able to travel and get together on level 2 lockdown, we had our National Sales Conference the beginning of June this year.

Not only did we have 5 full days of meetings, but we also had some team building.

One of our traditions is: “The Weakest Link”.

Always great fun and a good laugh.

And of course, the best one this year was Brian. His question: “Complete the sentence, Three little monkey’s….” And his reply: “Dancing in the tree”. We had a great laugh and had to stop the clock until everyone was settled! Brian that one is going to be hard to beat!

And we also did “The Amazing Race “What a challenge that was, running up and down Sun City trying to solve clues. But we all know Sun City so much better now, and there truly is more to the place than Valley of the Waves and gambling!  Lona getting ready for the target shoot at one of the challenges.

The winning team got a small reward. Just look at all the smiling faces.

And don’t forget the Sunset cruise on the river. Here are some pictures.