Neonatal / Paediatric Ventilators

fabian HFOi
4-in-1 device.

The fabian HFOi offers all options: advanced conventional and non-invasive therapy, High Frequency Oscillation (HFO) and oxygen therapy (HFNC) for neonatal and pediatric patients.

Doesn’t require any additional tube set to connect the internal HFO module to the patient circuit and this solution improve different aspects:

  • More power transmitted from HFO internal module to the patient.
  • All modes (conventional and HFOV) can be used with the same patient circuit providing a seamless transition between modes.
  • Reduction in costs of treatment.
  • More efficient time management for caregivers.

fabian Therapy
2-in-1 device.

Small wonder: The fabian Therapy evolution is our NIV dedicated system packed in a small yet powerful package, making it ideal for NICU, PICU and transport applications.

Main Features
fabian Therapy evolutionfabian Therapy evolution fabian +nCPAP evolutionfabian +nCPAP evolution fabian HFOfabian HFO

O2 Monitor (FiO2)

available available available

Electronic gas blender (mixer)

available available available

In and Expiratory Flow (Bias)

not available available available

Leak Compensation

available available available

Integrated Battery

available available available

Color TFT Display

available available available

Touch screen display

available available available

Volume Trigger/Flow Trigger

not available available available

Curves: Pressure

available not available not available

Curves: Pressure/Volume/Flow

not available available available

Loops: F/P, P/V

not available available available

Advanced Monitoring

not available available available

CO2 module (side-/microstream)

not available not available optional

SpO2 module (Masimo)

not available not available optional

Video intubation

not available not available optional
Ventilation Modes
fabian Therapy evolution fabian +nCPAP evolution fabian HFO


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Volume Limit

not available optional optional

Volume Guarantee

not available optional optional

O2 High Flow Therapy

available optional optional

O2 Flush

available available available

Manual Breath

available available available

Manual breath with pedal

optional optional not available

The Next Generation of
Closed-Loop Oxygenation


PRICO is available for all fabians


Individual. Intelligent. Efficient.

Every newborn is special. PRICO (Predictive Intelligent Control of Oxygenation) by ACUTRONIC is the next generation of Intelligent Closed-Loop FiO2-SpO2 Controls, maintaining the patient's SpO2within the intended range. Together with the Masimo Set® SpO2-Sensors, its unique algorithm and high-performance blender now perform FiO2 adjustments automatically, quickly, and more reliably than ever before.PRICO not only supports caregivers in their daily goal for best possible patient comfort and safety, but also helps clinicians save time, reduce cost, and improve their workflow.

Oxygen supplementation is one of the most common therapeutic interventions in resuscitation and neonatal intensive care of term and preterm infants. However, both hypoxia and hyperoxia must be avoided because of their detrimental effects on morbidity and mortality in these children. While hypoxia may lead to direct and indirect cellular damage, hyperoxia has been associated with oxygen toxicity, oxidative stress and chronic diseases of preterm infants such as bronchopulmonary dysplasia and retinopathy of prematurity.


PRICO and Masimo Set®

The SpO2 module used with PRICO is the MASIMO Set USB®. Plug it into the back of a fabian. For preterm infants, term infants, and pediatric patients there is a dedicated sensor.

ACUTRONIC selected leading edge Masimo Set (Signal Extraction Technology), because the SpO2 algorithm performance ensures reliable readings under challenging conditions (low perfusion and movement artifact),which is essential for PRICO  

Measures in Addition:

  • Pulse Rate (PR)
  • Perfusion Index (PI)
  • Signal Quality (SIQ)