Tende CareBlue LED Phototherapy


LED Phototherapy Unit, Designed for Infants

Applicable with Baby Incubators, Open Beds, Warmers and Bassinets

High Density Light Power with Fanless LED Technology

Easy to Use, User Interface With Colorful Touch Screen (4.3” colorful TFT touch screen)

Changeable Screen Angle

Quick Treatment Start and Stop

Programmable Treatment Duration and Resetting

5 Levels of Light Intensity

Max Light Intensity (40cm) 120 µw/cm2nm (+-10%)

Min Light Intensity (40cm) 33 µw/cm2nm (+-10%)

Effective Area : 45 cm x 20 cm

Single Touch for High(max.) Density Treatment (Optional)

Targeting Feature (Red Light)

LED Life Time Counter (0-99999)

End of Treatment Warning and Auto Stop

Easy to Use Pneumatic Height Adjustment

End of Treatment Warning and Auto Stop

Horizontal Angle Adjusment (360°)

Durable, Reliable, Sophisticated Base Unit

Low Energy Consumption