Infant Resuscitator

Hornpuff 5020

  • Infant Resuscitator will safely inflate the baby's lungs and provide optimum oxygenation by delivering consistent PIP with each breath avoiding the risks associated with under or over inflation at uncontrolled pressures.
  • Accept and deliver oxygen concentrations from 21% to 100% coming from a flow meter or a blender.
  • The patient T-Piece can connect to neonatal masks or endotracheal tubes.
  • Helps to establish and maintain Functional Residual Capacity (FRC) by providing a consistent PEEP throughout the resuscitation process.
  • An accurate manometer provides constant reassurance of mask seal and delivered PIP and PEEP.
  • Consistent PEEP can be delivered to assist with breathing during transport or ventilator circuit change.
  • Different size of face mask which provides flexible in usage for different babies
  • Small in Size, Less Weight and innovative technology incorporated into a compact design.

The portable and compact Puffin can enable respiratory support in all prenatal areas of the hospital. The Puffin brings anything and everything a newborn might need in a resuscitation situation—directly to the bedside.

T-piece or bag-and-mask ventilation
Integrated suction for easier airway management
Blended air/oxygen delivery
Monitored delivery of positive breaths