The company started as a Neonatal ventilation training company as Entrepreneurial Educators moving on to a specific Neonatal supplies company in 2010 Preemie Care Africa and changed status again in 2013 from a CC to a (Pty) Ltd. Company Phoenix Neomed (Pty) Ltd and continues to focus particularly on Neonatal/Paediatric ventilation and complimentary products.

In 2013 with the acquisition of the eVent Agency and the subsequent acquisition of the Vadi Medical Technology Agency, the company is able to offer a huge consumable and disposable range of products for ventilation and anaesthetics.

Acutronic Agency was acquired in 2014 giving us access to Neonatal/Paediatric ventilators, HFO and Bi-level nCPAP machines which is the future of neonatal ventilation.

Continued development has been maintained to improve our services and the company became the sole agency and distributors for Inspiration Healthcare UK, Westmed Inc. from USA and Biomed Devices in 2014. Thereafter following on with the Bistos Co. Agency later that year.

MedCaptain agency was acquired in 2017 enabling us to enter the Infusion Pump and Syringe drive market.

All of our agencies have a major focus on neonatal and paediatric products.

Several changes in our suppliers over the past four years have allowed the company to grow in size and capability.

WILAmed agency replaced the Acutronic agency in January 2019.

Above all, we pride ourselves on offering innovative intensive care products and the exceptional customer service that Phoenix Neomed stands for. Our many valued customers around the country and in other Sub Saharan countries will attest to us as their trusted advisors and their continued support for our business speaks to the quality products and customer service we offer.