Our vision

To be respected as a professional organisation providing excellent service and support in the supply of quality products to Neonatal service providers specifically in the Republic of South Africa and our neighbouring countries.

Mission Statement

It is our professional goal to make a difference to the Infant Mortality Rate in the Republic of South Africa and beyond, using the latest technology available to ensure life support to premature and vulnerable infants by providing State of the Art Medical Equipment.

Our company comprises of sales representatives in all the Provinces of South Africa and Sub Saharan territories. Most of our people have clinical training in Nursing and Nurse Education allowing us to be the trusted advisors when it comes the Intensive Care of the Neonatal, Paediatric and Adult patients.

Training of the end users and skills transference is key to our program of end user and patient support. 24/7/365/6 J back up on technical and clinical advice is available at all times.

Following a successful nursing career our founder Eleanor Hamer decided to make a difference by sharing this knowledge and expertise. In Phoenix Neomed we have the vehicle to spread the word in Neonatal care particularly, as well as the field of Paediatric and Adult intensive Care.

The company offers by the bedside training on all products within our portfolio to all end users .